Analytical ability

Analytical ability

The realism of simulation relies on the efficacy of transforming national and international policies into clear and precise solutions.

In the real world, the future of billions is influenced by the decisions made at the United Nations. That is why the delegates there express their opinions and take decisions after close scrutiny of their respective countries’ best interests.

MUN being an educational simulation of the UN, the fate of people in reality does not rely on the outcomes of an MUN conference. But still a participant of MUN has to put colossal amount efforts just like the real world to effectively compete with others. The delegate has to critically analyze his country’s foreign policy, alliance, national interest and come up with solutions, decisions and policies that will serve the country best. He also has to act in future or fictitious scenarios by the studying the past. The weakness of other countries and the potential allies and enemies has to be ascertained to achieve an upper hand. Analysis of possible options to develop plausible solutions from discrete suggestions is paramount to draft a successful resolution. Despite the analysis being a Herculean task, this is what makes the simulation more realistic and the real fun of MUN begins here.

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