In-depth Research

In-depth Research

Research brings clarity to the problems in hand, empowering effective diplomacy and sustainable solutions.

In an MUN conference, it is crucial to safeguard the policies of your own country while simultaneously solving the problems in the agenda. Without conducting thorough research on the agenda, your country’s stance on the agenda and the possible solutions for the agenda, that will not be possible.

Proper research can start from UN websites, the best place to get a clear idea about the current status quo and what UN has done regarding the agenda.  UN resolutions can give a delegate proper ideas about previous solutions undertaken by UN. The official government websites of the country you are representing is another good source of information. It provides information on your country’s stance on the agenda, what solutions your country has adopted regarding that agenda and what your country’s future plan is about the agenda. Reliable media outlets and the state-run news agencies can give relevant information, providing better insight about a country’s stance on an agenda.

It is imperative to research about the policies of other countries as well as your own. A good delegate does not talk only about his own country policies in the committee sessions, rather he/she asks tough questions of other delegates to point out flaws in their policies. Knowing about the policies of other countries also ensures that other delegates can not break country policy and get away with it.

Apart from the fact that thorough research can get you awards in MUN conferences, the knowledge you gather gives you a much better understanding of international politics. In the era of globalization, vast knowledge on these issues is an absolute necessity.

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