Negotiation promotes understanding and tolerance among parties that are working to achieve a common goal.

Negotiation refers to the process of solving disputes between decision makers by ensuring mutual interests. The outcome of a negotiation process is an agreement through which joint decision can be made.

The purpose of negotiation is to achieve a ‘common ground’ by creating a ‘win-win’ situation for every participant. In MUN negotiation plays a crucial role for delegates to come up with a fruitful resolution paper. Each delegate must try to ensure his/her respective country’s core interests concerning the agenda. A delegate has to understand the motives and concerns of his/her co-delegates representing other countries. Each delegate requires possessing a high-level adaptability and all-round knowledge while negotiating in the committee session. Negotiation brings forward solutions that are acceptable to all parties involved. A comprehensive and effective draft resolution relies on the successful negotiation between the drafting countries.

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