Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking is basically expressing our thoughts in front of an audience. Although it sounds quite easy on paper, it is quite difficult to express ourselves in a proper manner especially in front of a group of people. Usually public speaking is deliberated with a purpose; this purpose can be providing information on certain topics, motivation a bunch of people, creating awareness, providing arguments etc. So in this matter it is really important that the listeners understand what the speaker is trying to say. But sometimes the speaker might face some problems while public speaking such as – nervousness, improper body language, fear, lack of words etc. This might hamper the purpose of the public speaking.

MUN is highly interrelated with public speaking. In an MUN conference, writing and delivering speeches plays the most significant roles. Here the participant has to present the position of his allocated country on certain agenda being in the committee, so they should have a clear concept.

MUN create a space for the delegates to improve their public speaking skills. The participants have to conduct research on their agendas, which provides contents for the speech. Also they have to complete the speech in allocated time. Fluency and confident body language makes the speech more emphatic.

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